We were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with established and successful Make-up Artist Anastasia Smith to find out what it’s like to dress the faces that grace our TV screens and magazines. Read on as we ask Anastasia about her everyday routine of numerous shoots ranging from inspiring editorials to the London Fashion Week runways and which beauty products she can’t be without…

First of all.. Which is your favourite look from Three Floor Resort’16?

I love the For Instance dress… It’s so effortless you can dress it up with heels or opt for a leather jacket and boots. It is one of those pieces that you can wear to anything and with anything. I love the off the shoulder sleeves as it makes it that little bit edgy which is totally my jam.

What are your best three style tips? 

Colour co-ordinate pieces, a leather jacket is essential, and don’t be afraid to be different wear what makes you feel good.

Who have you worked with and who would you most like to work with in the future? 

After finishing makeup school I worked on a shoot with the most amazing stylist Graham Cruz …He literally blew my mind with insane clothes, looks and overall creative imagination. I love exciting high energy shoots and being around creative people so anyone who has passion for making amazing images I want to be there working with them!

Describe to us your typical day as an MUA. 

Kit check is the first thing I do before setting off to a shoot or job. This involves checking I have all my brushes and makeup kit clean, packed and ready to go. Then I struggle with a very heavy case to the studio or location set up and create something beautiful,weird or wonderful

Which element of your job do you most enjoy?

I really love working in television as its such an exciting environment especially on live shows. I was lucky enough to work on X Factor last year and that was great fun with a lovely team of people.

242A8865Do you like creating really out-there looks, or do you prefer something classically beautiful?

I love natural beauty and enhancing peoples features but in a way that is real to the person. I always view everyone as an individual and work with what works best on them. Everybody is different and every face is beautiful. I have a passion, in fact I think I am a creative obsessive, for makeup.

Which make up essentials can you not live without? 

I cannot live without- Shu Uemura lash curlers. They are by far the best lash curlers on the planet.

MAC Gel liner- For me MAC is the best as it lasts for ages and doesn’t dry out.

Chanel sheer illuminating fluid- A beautiful subtle highlighter amazing for an all year round glow.

Last but not least Dior collagen lip gloss -I have been using this for years and have all my friend’s hooked on it! So it must work!


Want to hear more? Follow Anastasia’s blog at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Shop Anastasia’s look: Shake it dress, For Instance dress, Waverly dress, Daisy Anglaise dress.

Images courtesy of Joe Hart

Interview by: Harriet Dunning





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