An Afternoon with Freelance Journalist and Blogger Alya Mooro

A self-confessed avid reader of anything and everything she could get her hands on from a young age, the now wonderfully talented freelance writer and blogger Alya Mooro, has since written for the likes of Grazia, Marie Claire, MTV, i-D, The Debrief and more. Documenting her daily musings on her newly launched blog, Alya discusses a dynamic vision of Fashion and style, as well as culture and music.

We recently caught up with Alya to talk about her latest musings, personal style and her new venture into London’s hip-hop and R&B scene…

What do you love about living in London?

Having been born and part raised in Egypt, I’ve been lucky enough to have the best of both worlds, but I wouldn’t trade living in London for anything! (Although a bit more sunshine would be fab.) London is such a multi-cultural city and affords people the opportunity to wear anything, be anyone – that’s priceless.

Describe your personal style and its influences.

If I had to: Urban, Sassy and Minimalist but it’s difficult to define because my personal style has evolved as I have over the years. I’m often inspired by things around me like a song or a fashion show or even something I saw on Pinterest and I pretty much just dress how I feel at the time, so some days I really dig Aaliyah’s style and others I’m more into Kim Kardashian’s. What makes me feel comfortable and good plays a big part, too.

You started MoorizZLA whilst studying for a Masters in Journalism. How did you first start to gather content for your blog?

 When I first started my blog it was very, very different to what it is now. I had always had a blog, an online teenage diary of sorts but it was always anonymous and never anything I felt I could share publicly. When I first started MoorizZLA it was essentially a more refined version of that – my musings, observations of things. As time went on and I was exposed to more and more elements through writing for publications like Grazia, i-D, The Telegraph and more I began to incorporate those, too.

What topics of discussion do you enjoy writing about the most, both on MoorizZLA and when writing for publications?

 I write about everything from music, fashion, to food and more, but the pieces I most enjoy researching and writing are features and opinion pieces. I studied Sociology and Psychology before going into Journalism so I always enjoy drawing that into my writing. ‘The Reality Of Having Sex Before Marriage In Muslim Countries’ (,

Tell us about your Hip Hop & R&B night The Come Up at the Notting Hill Arts Club!

I run a monthly hip hop and RnB night called The Come Up with two of my best friends. When we first started the night we didn’t really know much about running an event, but all the places we used to go to that played the kind of music we loved were all shutting down so we thought you know what, why don’t we just start our own!? Placing a focus on good vibes and good music, it’s been going really well and we’re actually celebrating our second birthday in November! With the first few events consisting mostly of mutual friends, The Come Up has since grown beyond our wildest belief, and we’ve had people the likes of Ashley Roberts (Pussycat Dolls), Dizzee Rascal and Kano come through.

Who are the latest new comers in music that we need to know now?

 I love Seinabo Sey! I’ve been listening to her on repeat for ages so I’m really happy her debut album is coming out next month so I have some new music to listen to. I also love Lady Leshurr, she’s been around for a while but she opened up Henry Holland’s show last month and she’s juuust about to get on everyone’s radar, I can feel it.

Check out Alya’s newly relaunched website at

Images by Philipp Raheem.

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