Shannon Saunders is a stick of dynamite that has exploded onto the live music scene after spending six years learning and honing her craft; as well as making a name for herself and building an envious following via social media, predominantly You Tube.

In 2009 Shannon started a YouTube channel posting covers of songs by many artists, as well as her own originals. As of today, she has over 61,500 followers and around 2 million total upload views.

Her first single “Heart Of Blue” was released on iTunes on 14 January 2013; following high demand from her homemade music video; which went viral on the Sunday before; and received over 30,000 views in less than four days. As of August 2014, the song has had over 700,000 views. Shannon released her second single ‘Scars’ shortly afterwards, on 8 July 2013. She then went on to support both Lewis Watson and Lucy Spraggan on their UK tours, releasing her third single, ‘Atlas’, in the December.

On August 11, 2014, Shannon released ‘Sheets’ from her debut album to demonstrate her new pop/dance sound. It received attention from numerous high profile music blogs. The Line Of Best Fit stated: “Sheets sounds like it could soon soundtrack nights out beyond the world of YouTube.” In the same month Shannon signed her label ‘Lovejoy Records’ to Yup!/ Caroline International to further validate the change in musical direction from acoustic to synth and more keyboard dance, produced music.

Our first encounter with the inimitable Miss Saunders at our Third Birthday Party in November
Our first encounter with the inimitable Miss Saunders at our Third Birthday Party in November

Since the start of 2015 Shannon has already featured on Radio 1’s play list, been on a mini tour around the UK and played in Amsterdam and is set to perform at some of the UK’s leading Festivals throughout the Summer. So stay tuned Shannon Saunders is definitely one to watch.

We caught up with Shannon at her recording studio in West London to find out more about the life of this petite, blonde power house:

Where are we shooting you today? Do you spend a lot of time here?

We’re in my producer Dee Adam’s studio ‘Narnia’ in Portobello Road. Most of my album was actually created here.

#ShannonSaunders wears #THREEFLOOR #Euphoria Dress at Narnia Studios West London
#ShannonSaunders wears #THREEFLOOR #Euphoria Dress at Narnia Studios West London

How do you feel when you are in the studio?

In the studio is where I feel most at home and relaxed. I love being creative in this kind of environment.

What does it feel like working for yourself?

It’s great being in charge of what you do and having the freedom to be able to say yes and no to certain things. I’ve always liked being my own boss and making decisions for myself.

What is your day to day like?

It varies a lot!  Each week is different. I could be in the studio one day or at a gig the next. It’s never boring. I love keeping busy.

Does it feel like a job?

I used to have a job at a clothing store back where I live in Wiltshire and that definitely felt more like a job as I had a strict routine and was working for someone else. That used to feel like work to me because I felt like it was more of a chore. I don’t think of what I do now as work because I’m fortunate enough to love it.

#ShannonSaunders wears #THREEFLOOR #Voyage Jacket at Narnia Studios, West London
#ShannonSaunders wears #THREEFLOOR #Voyage Jacket at Narnia Studios, West London

Who inspires or what inspires you?

My family, art, other artists, day to day situations, personal things that happen to me and emotions I feel everyday

So, where we would go to find Miss Saunders on a night out?

There’s a cocktail bar in Shoreditch which my friends and I discovered randomly on my cousins birthday called Lounge Bohemia. You have to book a table before you go and the cocktails are so carefully put together, you can’t help but order another just to see what surprise you’re in for next!

Also Sketch London is on my ‘to do’ list for Afternoon Tea. I’m hoping to go there with my cousin Romani and our mums for a nice treat.  Also Gilgamesh in Camden is the place to be if you want mouthwatering food and the best Lychee Martini’s in Town. Order the Duck & Watermelon salad. You won’t regret it!

What’s on your shopping list? 

I’m a huge Anthropolgie fan at the moment. I’ve been forcing my boyfriend to buy new Moroccan style plates/ bowls, and hand painted mugs and candles for his flat and surprisingly he’s needed little persuading.

I’ve also been trying to not go to the standard high street clothing shops and instead go to boutiques or online.

And to accessorize? 

I only wear silver jewellery, usually beautifully crafted pieces from Lucky Little Blighters. My Manager’s wife hand makes all of my rings, earrings and necklaces and I’m completely obsessed. She has a website too!

#LuckyLittleBlighters Rings As Worn By #ShannonSaunders
#LuckyLittleBlighters Rings As Worn By #ShannonSaunders

Have you seen anything recently which has ‘rocked your world’?

I went to see my all time woman crush/ musical inspiration Jessie Ware at Brixton Academy the other night. I smiled so much the whole way through my cheeks ached by the end. She has such an incredible voice and I’m a huge fan of her songwriting. I saw her perform a year ago at Shepherds Bush and was lucky enough to go and meet her. She’s still just as lovely and humbled by the crowds reaction.

Let’s move on to your THREE FLOOR handbag, Shannon, please can you tell us what’s in it?

I have my hand cream, headphones, metallic notebook my cousin Rani bought me, a random fluffy pen and my iPhone.

#ShannonSaunders 'What's in your #THREEFLOOR #Courier bag'
#ShannonSaunders ‘What’s in your #THREEFLOOR #Courier bag’

Being a singer/songwriter, are these things in your bag essentials? Is there anything missing?

I always have these bits in my bag as well as a load of rubbish I collect whilst on my travels. I usually have bits of random make up in there too.

Is it always shiny in your handbag?

Yeah I like shiny stuff.

What is in your little shiny book?

My lyrics from previous sessions, and some that I’ve jotted down, on my travels. I like to keep things recorded on paper because we’re all so drawn to technology and sometimes it doesn’t feel as precious if it’s just stored in your phone somewhere.

Beauty essentials? Do you carry around hand-cream all the time?

Yep, lip balm and hand-cream are my essentials when traveling. I hate the feeling of dry lips or hands.

What is your most prized possession that could fit in this handbag?

I’m obsessed with my rings and silver jewellery so probably those bits because I feel lost without them on.

What is your favourite thing about this bag?

It’s black and you can fit lots in it which is perfect for traveling around London.

What’s the one thing we would be surprised to find in your handbag?

My fluffy pen is pretty random but also pretty fabulous I’d say.


We say so are you Miss Saunders, thank you!


#ShannonSaunders wears #THREEFLOOR #Euphoria Dress at Narnia Studios West London and shows us what's in her bag!
#ShannonSaunders wears #THREEFLOOR #Euphoria Dress at Narnia Studios West London and shows us what’s in her bag!


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