Introducing our new Brand Emissary #GeorgiaLA… WHAT’S IN YOUR BAG?

After a brief flirtation with fashion school, Georgia began her broadcasting career as part of the team behind YouTube channel #SBTV, whilst studying for a degree in journalism, where she interviewed everyone from Boris Johnson to Justin Bieber. Realising the power of the YouTube channel and wanting to create something which replicated the anarchic, but truly live and sometimes chaotic format, of late eighties/early nineties shows such as #Network7, #TheTube and #TheWord; she created and co-produced live topical entertainment internet show #TheFoxProblem.  The Fox Problem quickly went from a self-funded production, filmed in a room above a pub, to receiving investment from tech giant Hewlett Packard, who built the show a new studio for series 2 and which subsequently clocked up 6.1 million views.

 Georgia has also been in involved with the making of documentaries for BBC Radio and Channel 4 online, as well as having been the official web reporter for the #Brits, fronted terrestrial TV for Virgin media, penned features for various UK press outlets and played tunes at Glastonbury as a DJ extraordinaire!


We caught up with Georgia at London Fashion Week back in February and asked her not only what’s in your THREE FLOOR bag but also….


Georgia LA wears THREE FLOOR Ace of Lace skirt at London Fashion Week
Georgia LA wears THREE FLOOR Ace of Lace skirt at London Fashion Week

Who inspires you?

“A lot of my wonderful, hard-working, friends in the industry. There’s too many to mention but my Fox Problem mates – #GemmaCairney and #GeorgieOkell would of course be up there”.

What inspires you?

“Knowing that ultimately I’m the one in control and anything is possible!”

 “Pass the sick Bag!”

 As a presenter, do you normally dress and use a bag like this – interviewer points to Georgia’s brand new THREE FLOOR shoulder bag?

“If I’m out and about I’ll get glammed up for sure. I love a cute little bag for partying, but often I’m traipsing around shoots getting changed a lot so will often have a backpack too”.

THREE FLOOR Manhattan Bag as work by Georgia LA
THREE FLOOR Manhattan Bag as work by Georgia LA

What is your day to day like?

“It’s super super varied… I can be running to shoots, meetings, writing or learning a script, finding some pretty clothes to wear to a do, writing an article, working on my website, DJing, or investigating stuff to do documentaries or articles about in all kinds of weird and wonderful places! I’ve really got into swimming recently too. My only costume is a vintage leopard print one though, not sure my local council pool are ready for it to be honest!”

 What does it feel like working for yourself?

“Erm…. it can be scary! No one prepared me for it. You have to be a self-starter and impose your own routine for sure, and it’s definitely not a 9-5. But I wouldn’t have it any other way”.

 Does it feel like a job?

“It depends what I’m doing, there’s a lot of hard and (dare I say) sometimes even boring work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure fun stuff happens! But of course when it’s good, it’s bloody great”.

What are you favourite places for food and/or drinks? 

“There’s an amazing Thai place called #Fitous between Ladbroke Grove and Kensal Green, it seems like it’s in the middle of nowhere – between loads of residential houses. It’s BYOB and hands down the best Laksa I’ve ever had! (That’s off the menu btw – you have to ask for it.)”

“Drinks wise… I really like that drinking time before you go ‘out-out,’ I’ve been getting into nutri-bullet cocktails at home (they’re healthy right?!) and I love fumbling around in other peoples kitchens, making something delicious to get the night started… between borrowing a hairclip or something!”

What’s catching your attention at the moment? 

“I can’t think of anyone or anything in particular, but I’m obsessed with #Pinterest.  Oh and decorating my flat, you can see my home pins here… I want to cover some cinema chairs in #HouseofHackneys palm prints, paint all my kitchen cupboards mint and build a tall industrial desk thing that I can put my DJ decks on with a sliding shelf underneath for my keyboard – it was a Christmas present and I’ve become a bit obsessed with learning how to play pop songs on it. I love ebay for home things – like quirky chairs and light fittings”.


DJ, presenter, host...spins the decks at the THREE FLOOR Birthday party
DJ, presenter, host…spins the decks at the THREE FLOOR Birthday party

Any accessory brands? 

“I’m swooning over #OnlyChild’s gem stones jewels and #DominicJones pieces are just art basically. I also modelled for #DaisyKnight’s new collection, her lace dimes and feather hand jewellery are so good”.

So Georgia, what’s in your THREE FLOOR handbag?

“I am rolling with some #Smashbox make-up, to touch up my face, powder is an essential for clip-clopping around all day! Some nougat sweets, you never know when you want a sweet pick-me-up and a notepad and pen to make some notes…”

What's in your bag...Georgia LA?
What’s in your bag…Georgia LA?

What’s in that little black book?

“I always have a notebook to write ideas down”

What are your beauty essentials?

“Oooh, I love a good product! Moisturizer, brow gel, concealer, bronzer and mascara and I’m probably good for days…!”

What is your most prized possession that could fit in this handbag?

“Hate to say it but it’s probably my phone… the ultimate object of limitless possibilities! I have some special jewellery from my nana that’s pretty great, and photos of my best mates”.

What’s your favourite thing about this bag?

“It’s just so cheeky! A real statement piece, it would look great with a smart black outfit and trainers”.

What’s the one thing we would be surprised to find in your handbag?

“I normally have a weird book, I’m reading ‘The New Digital Age’ which is the Google founders predicting the future at the moment…

If you can explain, in a few words, why do you have these in your bag?

#Smashbox make up: … gotta have it!

Make up applicator

Cubes of cheese

Nougat cubes – sweets for the gal on the go!

Purple Pen: to make some girly notes…

Lipstick: I don’t normally wear this, but I thought as it’s fashion week.

Eyeliner: yes please!

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