Friday 20th March is set to be quite a day. Not only are the celestial heavens giving us an Eclipse, a Supermoon and a Spring Equinox, which means the day and the night are the same length, but it is also the #InternationalDayofHappiness – www.dayofhappiness.net/#in-person

This news about Friday being a ‘Happy Day’ completely cheers us up and we are doubly delighted to read that not all superstitions surrounding solar eclipses, are about doom and gloom. In ancient China, a celestial dragon was thought to lunch on the Sun, causing a solar eclipse; in fact, the Chinese word for eclipse, chih or shih actually means to eat. And in Italy, it is believed that flowers planted during a solar eclipse are brighter and more colourful than flowers planted at any other time of the year.

So to banish any thoughts of impending disasters signalled by such astrological goings-ons we asked the team at #THREEFLOOR to let us know what makes them happy?

Nicole oversees our Customer Services and is generally a happy soul but living in London makes her happier as well as listening to ‘Feel the Love’ by #Rudimental. And what would she wear to take her from day to evening to celebrate life in the big city – our #LAAttitude #jumpsuit, worn with a white T in the day and without, of course, to party under the Supermoon!


Our Head of Design, Marie, is slightly harder to please and would prefer a sunny day or even better a beautifully boxed new purchase to put a smile on her face. Both of which would ensure a rendition of #Pharrell’s now classic ‘#Happy’ , very possibly accompanied with a little dance – we hope to see this one day soon if the sun ever shines! A more subtle alternative would be ‘#Ingenue’ by #AtomsofPeace: “It’s quite a floaty electronic track and I love the video with #ThomYork in it” Marie tells us. And her chosen day to evening #THREEFLOOR piece: “#Flare Don’t Care trousers create an effortless look when worn with something pared down like a black polo neck and sleek heels for the evening with a black #BaoBao clutch. For day time this look can be toned down with sporty trainers or chunky sandals,” Marie concludes.

And finally to the Marketing Department and Susie Vertigo, she too would like some more sunshine in her life and can’t wait until the clocks go forward next week and the days stay lighter longer. But also spending time with her four crazy cats never ceases to make her smile. ‘#UnfinishedSympathy by #MassiveAttack remixed by #PaulOakenfold makes for a peaceful happiness whereas ‘#KeeptheCarRunning’ by #ArcadeFire could quite possibly prompt a mad goth-like jig – quick put the needle to the record this could make us all happy! Susie would choose our (soon to arrive) ‘#AceofLace’ skirt and team with the ‘#TimeAfterTime’ jacket and ‘Paraboots’ for day and an #AlexanderWang leather t-shirt teamed with his ubiquitous slingbacks for evening!





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