Everyone thinks that fashion shoots must be extremely glamorous, well actually they are most definitely not. There is a lot of sitting around, standing around and generally…just hanging around. Waiting…for the model to arrive, for hair and make-up to be done, for the photographer to ensure the lighting is spot on, for the model to relax and pose correctly in the outfit and then shot ‘in the bag’ and it’s back to the beginning again. But do you know what? It is so worth it, there is nothing like seeing the first shots pop up on the photographer’s laptop, the mixed emotions of relief, elation and excitement are indescribable.

Our Team style all of our shoots themselves so the days before can be a little hectic as the theme is decided upon, the required look and feel briefed to our hair extraordinaire Wilson and beauty team Suzy Rycroft and Michelle Dacillo, as well as photographer Amarpaul Kalirai. We also outsource all of our accessories, and as you can see from these images our shoot was made all the more complicated by literally throwing in a couple of paint powder bombs, visually stunning, but as you can see from Marie, our Head of Design’s attire, very messy.

We love the results and hope you do too! 

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