Feral, fearless maybe…but very Festive…definitely!

L.A. style blogger Eugenie Grey stays true to her last name when it comes to her color palette for hair and clothing, which she showcases on her blog, Feral Creature. Her style — both clothes and hair — is bold and fearless but when it comes to Christmas this most unorthodox of ladies becomes a true traditionalist, loving everything  from “gingerbread houses, Christmas carols and hanging ornaments to cuddling with a boo next to a roaring fireplace”.

This cutting edge creative turns old fashioned girl with her choice of seasonal songs too, I mean ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas?’ Maybe the Coldplay version rather than the Frank Sinatra’s, somehow I doubt it! This sentimental side to Eugenie crystallises itself in her Christmas gift wish: “I don’t expect gifts on Christmas. I just appreciate the opportunity to spend time with the ones I love”. So cute and so unexpected! However for an ultra cool stylish chick there is nothing traditional about her choice of Christmas party dress…it would be our Silver Linings number…bang up to date then!

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