Let it Snow… for Miss Whoo to feel Festive…or a little Grinchy?

Thoroughly modern MissWhoo, Esther Houston, is a Christmas music fanatic. “I love walking around NYC and hearing Christmas music, it makes people happy” as well as of course “snow”. However there is a little Grinch lurking behind that generous and lovely exterior, when referring to the snow bit Esther adds: I love watching people struggle from the comfort of my fire-burning loft. Is that mean? Hah” Yes actually Esther it is a little…well only a tiny bit we would laugh our heads of too! Esther’s fave soundtrack to the hilarity of New Yorkers coping with snow is appropriately Winter Wonderland. “Its so fun to sing” she says. Maybe it should also be “A Fairytale of New York”, but Esther does not wish for overly extravagant presents just a card and a handbag, albeit a beautifully crafted one. And which dress would she wear to New York’s high profile Holiday bashes our Velocity Dress of course. “It fits gorgeously and the color is stunning!”

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