Becca Dudley is one busy lady. She is fast becoming a household name; by day she is a presenter for MTV and by night she is a successful DJ as well as modelling for top fashion companies. She loves the weather getting chilly to feel the Festive vibe, all wrapped up in woolly jumpers, drinking toffee nut lattes, surrounded by fairy lights…it’s Christmas! Becca recorded a version of Mariah’s seasonal offer when she was 15 and wanted to be a pop star and says it is: “Still a tune though, gets me excited for the holidays!”. We would have thought that Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses, the ultimate alternative seasonal song would have been more to Becca’s unusual tastes? Her perfect gift from Santa would be CDJ 2000’s and a new laptop! “I’d be DJing at home every single night”. Possibly all dressed up in our ‘Blue Noise’ dress…maybe a little OTT but it is” So cute with a sexy edge”.

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