LA based blogger Jen Humphrey of Agogo gets into the Christmas spirit by bringing a Christmas tree into the house and beautifully decorating it but she says: “The list goes on…Ha ha!”  “Having a fire at night gets me in the spirit especially when we have people over, seeing my family and the many Holiday parties of the season. One of my favorite things is buying gifts I love the energy of Christmas shopping and picking out something special for someone!” And in the words of Duckie from Pretty in Pink..”I love Otis”. Her favourite Christmas classic is, therefore, of course Merry Christmas Baby, by the soul sensation. Her perfect gift she ponders: “My Christmas is never a relaxing one, since I come from divorced parents I am spread thin by trying to visit both families. So for me my perfect gift would be for them all to come to me!” But back to those Holiday parties what THREE FLOOR dress would she choose: “There are so many great ones to pick from but I would have to go with True Romance dress. The color is perfect and I love the mixture of the two fabrics.”

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